Saturday, August 15, 2009

So I'm putting together a COLLECTION for Mineral Magic Cosmetics!!!

That's right, the Mad Madam Jess collection of deep, matte pigments that blend like a dream and are like no colors you've ever seen before in a mineral pigment. They go on so easily and soon, will be found on the Mineral Magic website. Simply click the Mineral Magic link where the words are and check out this award winning and amazingly high pigmented, high quality mineral make up!!!!

See, the Mineral Magic Beauty collaborative channel on youtube, where I do my Fierce Friday looks, is a good place to get subscribed to. It's free and there's a new guru every day of the week showing the versatility of the already versatile and imaginary pigments created by Kellie..the owner and creator of Mineral Magic Cosmetics.

She can also be found on youtube: 1MineralMagic <-----click the link to subscribe for free and find out exactly when my Mad Madam Jess Mostly Matte Collection is gonna be know you want to!! These cosmetics are affordable of an amazing quality..and they are easy to work with as well. Many pigments double and triple task so how can you go wrong with trying out some samples from Mineral Magic?

With results like this:

and sneak peak shades of my own collection:

Notice the metallic looking, blue/black shade? That's my own creation called, Crow. Paired with Kellie's original, and AMAZINGLY pigmented, Hot Pink...this look is as fierce as can be.

Just wanted to give y'all a heads up, guys and dolls...

P.S. - Seriously, I don't get paid for promoting Mineral Magic..I truly am passionate about Kellie's pigments and as an artist, myself..I feel it is my duty to share this knowledge with the world. Swatches in the future..stay tuned, darlins!!!


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