Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Honestly, I want to do so much more than

this. I want to get a band together...noise band...genius, "submit to me" band mates...I miss performing. It's so hard to blog like a true, "blogger". My hubby is a great blogger, I think. He writes with a flair and an ere of confidence you just can't argue with. Me...I talk, and the earth moves under my feet.

All I have is my essence and my will to rip everything to fucking pieces...




  1. you think I write with flair?!

    you can't say that, you're my editor! you alter my works to make it appear as if there is a competent & articulate mind behind these ramblings of lunacy.

    and as far as the confidence, its a sham & you know it!

    you on the other hand, you can command a stage, people adore you, you can get into people's heads...pull things out...and still let THEM feel like it was THEIR idea to share any of it! All this without EVER asking for it. That's power I can never possess.

    I repulse & withdraw. That's my gift. I am PESTilence.

    love ya. you're worth more than you know.

  2. you are the most romantic man I've ever met. This is why I married you, darlin! I love you so...