Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All about Bitchslap Cosmetics and Pigments!! Pics included!!

I'd been wanting to try this cosmetics line for the longest time since I saw all the candy colors and neon pigments that looked so fierce.

Visit BSlap Costmetics <-------Click the link! They be fierce as all hell, my friends!! See..we never could afford it, sadly. A couple of weeks ago, my close friend, Soleil (, asked me what brands of products I'd been wanting to try so I told her...and one of em happened to be Bitchslap Cosmetics!!

Give or take a few weeks..I received a package in the mail from Soleil full of AMAZING GOODIES..including my beloved BSlap Cosmetics! She sent me the most amazing pigments. The next day, I had to throw them on my eyes:

Check out that pigment, my friends!! It's neon and out of control. Thanks again, Soleil, for the amazing care package..the rest of the reviews will be coming soon.

My thoughts are...I love the names...the names of the shades make me giggle and I think the line is fierce...the colors are neon and crazy which I adore..BUT..these pigments are not the easiest I have found to blend. Mineral Magic still wins on blendability. Overall..I am soooo pleased to have these pigments in my collection. Soleil, I loves ya!!


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