Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1006 Subscribers to My YouTube Channel? And a note..

It's true!! Click here to go check out my youtube channel, subscribe and be part of the madness!!
I don't know what to say other than it is completely unreal to me, since I figured I'd be looking at around 100 subscribers..tops. I love all my subbies and plan on doing a special video for you all tomorrow! So expect it up soon.

Also, I'm sure many of you already know I have a husband whom I love more than life, itself. His name is Ted and he's my crazy man.

He blogs as well...on blog spot..I urge you all to check out his blog..click here to see my husband's blog, Drone.Devil!

Here's his "About Me"..

I am an artsy fag. Get used to it because maybe, just maybe, one day you will all be unlucky enough to subjected to one of my "art" pieces. I am a bit of a hermit, you might even call me an elitist, a fascist and almost certainly a pariah. Also, I'm married to the single most beautiful, most talented woman one can ever hope to meet. It's as if she stepped out of a dream. There is a fire in her soul that burns brighter than any sun. A purity that outshines god & I can only pray her luminescence can eventually bring light to the human vortex that I call my "self". I don't know what contest in hell she won, but honey, I love ya!

I feel like the lucky one...I just wanted to spread the word..my psycho hubby is on blogspot! He is an amazing artist, a truly unique voice in this universe..which is probably what drew me to him in the first place. I love you, Teddy!



  1. Jess congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now we need 1000 more subbies!!! hehehehehe

    By the way, I love what Ted wrote about you, he seems so deep and an amazing human being, I am so happy you guys are together because sometimes is so hard to find a good man in this crazy big world, you are a very lucky girl!!!
    Love ya.

  2. Thanks so much! I love my Teddy bear!! He is very deep and amazing...I adore him with every fiber of my being. No doubt about that!! :) Yes, it is a big, crazy world...it was fate how we met too...that's a whole nuther story though. hehe...Thanks for the sweet comment, beautiful!