Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Me n' Christine (Pics from a Fun, Hair Cut, Video Session)

You tell me what's fiercer than mutual nose picking, and I'll give you a quarter. MUAHAHAHA! WHAT FUN WE HAD! And my hair looks amazing..more so than it has EVER freakin' fierce! We got it all on digi film too so the video of her cutting my hair and styling it will be uploaded to my channel very soon.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Premier Video Showcasing my Mineral Magic, Bayou Chic Collection!

Check it out!! I used every single shade in the Collection to show you how versatile and multi taskin this kit really it...

Check out the website at the URL above! Way more to come!!! Believe me!!!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mad Madam Jess' Bayou Chic Collection - Sneak Peaks from Up coming Video!

Till tomorrow, lovelies!! This "Swamp Queen" look was created using every piece of my Collection. Stay tuned for more versatile styles using the Bayou Chic Collection in the future!!

BUY IT HERE! 50% of the proceeds go to my Medical Fund!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today is My Shoot With Jenna Von Filth and Jeff Higdon

I am all agog!!!! It went wonderfully. I love working with Jeff AND the gorgeous, Jenna Von Filth. I also had the pleasure of meeting with her beautiful friend, as well. Here are a few, teaser pics..

Here's the beautiful Jenna Von Filth just before getting into her costume..

Classic, Clean, Historical Gothic Vixen (pics from the stables coming soon!)

These pics are for the most part, sans any editing, she truly is that stunning! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics and work with them again. It was such a joy! Hard work but worth it in every way. Jenna is a star!! Higdon is a genius too. What a lovely, fulfilling day. :)

Model Mayhem Numbers For Jenna (1st) and Jeff (2nd): 1186538 and 698731

jessie <--- My Model Mayhem Number is: 1313714

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm excited for my shoot on the 26th,,this SAT,!!!

Of course, I'll be playing MUA and I have something wicked in mind for this darling, 16 year old, wild child. The photographer seems awesome and passionate about his work...a lil nuts maybe, but most geniuses are. The theme is Historic Gothic and I have a good idea about different eye shapes and colors I'm going to use on her.

The model is Jenna Von Filth and the photographer is Jeff Higdon..I believe that's right. I'm expecting to have yet another incredible addition to my portfolio. I'm inspired still from the ElleV shoot. I'm starting to dig this MUA gig. I wanna do it more but my body says, "YOU SUCK!" so it's a constant fight. Here is Jenna:

She made this for me!

She's beautiful and has amazing features I can work with. I already have an idea of what I can do for her to make the shoot ethereally incredible. Her mom will be present, of course..

Here is her photographer's Model Mayhem #698731. Mr. JHigdon..I encourage you all to look at his work as I find it out of this world. I'm honored to be working with both of them and will absolutely post the results once I get my grubby lil paws on them. Apparently, the amazingly talented, Jade Noir still has some close up, beauty shots to send me that will showcase the make up I did on the incomparable, ElleV.

Just thoughts......


Monday, September 21, 2009

My High Fashion PhotoShoot with ElleV and Jade Noir (Robynnicole) on Hair

From the shoot:

Jade Noir was photographer and Robynnicole was Hair Stylist...I, of course was the Make Up Artist!!!! YAY! I did a modern day take of Victorian Era Inspired Make Up..came out wonderful.

She looks so ethereal...

This one looks like she's growing out of a fierce ass tree, ifn ya know what I mean..Elle was a dream to work was Robyn. Jade, unfortunately I was unable to meet due to health constraints but she loved my work. YAY!!!! And I love her work so I giess it all works out. I really hope to work with them all in the future since this shoot went so well.

Click the pic to see the close up of the make up!!

Here are some pics, pre-shoot at my apartment!!! Sneak peaks found only on the Mad Madam Jess blogspot!!

All in all, we had a ball and I met some very influential people. I have a paying gig on the 26th that I'm looking forward to. Hopefully there's work for a MUA like me. I'm also KINDA thinking about opening a MUA account for modeling as well. Not too sure on that yet but it's a thought for the future. Right now, I definitely wanna just build up my portfolio and become the premier MUA in San Antonio, TX! Here's a hopin'!

Oh, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube and check out my Model Mayhem Portfolio. Email me at to book a shoot or an appointment. :)


and the Winners of Soliel's and My 1st Ever, Simply Smoldering Contest are....

Honorable Mentions

PhabiolaMacabre -
BetsyTea -
PasiphaeTheQueen -
neonxxlove -
CoutureMusic98 -
LadyMakeUp1 -
nightoftwilight -
misstania08 -
ekyn86 -

Top 3 and Places:

3rd) lilymon -
2nd) JenRevenge -
1st) sokolum79 -

Gotta go to sleep now..hehehe


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here's my YouTube Banner!! Share it with your friends!!

Visit my Official, YouTube Channel! Subscribe, rate, comment and frolic!! Banner made by: Drone.Devil


Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Banner For My Model Mayhem Account!!! For when I go Premium and to advertise for my MM account!!

Not bad, aye? Just click and you're at my Model Mayem account! Book an appointment today!


Regarding the MMNN

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My Newscast for the Mystical Masquerade News Network! (MMNN)

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September 21 - "The Inner Mask Interview" with Solomon Tigcelot

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My MUA Session with Model: ElleV and Photographer: Jade Noir went AMAZINGLY WELL!!

Here's ElleV before she left my apartment to go to the shoot!! Model Mayhem #882426

And here's a few shots from the amazing Jade Noir, Model Mayhem ##484771

It went amazingly well, as you can tell! ElleV, JadeNoir and Robyn (Hair Stylist on Model Mayhem # 1195084 ) was such a pleasure working with you all! Hopefully, we will meet again soon!

My MUA Model Mayhem number is #1313714

Yet another stunning addition to my portfolio. Email me at to book an appointment with me for a make up session, either TFP or rates depending on the project. :):)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

My 6 Piece, Bayou Chic Collection with Wet/Dry Brush Now Available to Purchase!!!

I developed this 6 piece collection for Mineral Magic pigments...the greatest pigments I've ever used...and I've used em all. Anyhoo, I was honored when the owner, Kellie, asked me to formulate a collection of 6 shades for her amazing site.... 50% of the proceeds go to my Medical Bills. Please check out this amazing kit! Designed by yours truly..brought to you by the amazing, extremely high quality, Mineral Magic Cosmetics.. :):) YAY! xoxoxoxoxoox CLICK HERE TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE LINK TO MY BAYOU CHIC COLLECTION!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009