Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Review Of Rape-O: The Generic Mock Opera

A close friend recommended this piece of crap movie to me....telling me it was today's Rocky Horror Picture Show. So I was all down at first, I love RHPS! I was Magenter in our local cast!!

So, my hubby and I rented it....what kind of piece of crap movie...I don't even know where to begin...and it has a following!! It wasn't campy like RHPS...it was simply bad...not the good kind of bad..just..BAD. The singing never stopped once throughout the movie. Ohgr was a disappointment simply cause he was a part of such rubbish. I am a big Skinny Puppy fan from back in the day..so this was quite a let down, seeing him subject himself to such a piece of crap role in a piece of crap movie.

Where to start....not a one of em can sing. That's a good place to start since the singing NEVER stops throughout the entire movie. The storyline was convoluted and lacking any kind of pertinent message. AKA: RHPS - Don't Dream It..BE IT! Paris Hilton's role was retarded and since she was kinda playing herself...it was fitting. Enjoyable? Nnnnno.

The whole thing was hard to watch and I felt embarrassed for the people involved in the creation of this piece of crap. Let's see..how many times have I referred to Rape-O as a "piece of crap"? Not enough times, I tells ya. Do yourselves a favor and don't subject yourself to this piece of crap "rock opera". The music is horrendous...the dialogue was just thrown together, it seemed. Just a terrible, terrible movie that should have never been made, as far as I'm concerned. That is all..


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