Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Dramatic, "Devil's Mermaid" Make-over With Sarah

<---- Sarah before...lookin' like an angel..

Sarah, the Devil's Mermaid...
after I finished with her...MUAHAHAHA!!

There WILL be a stay tuned...

I used Mineral Magic Cosmetics and my Matte 88 Palette for the pigments / shadows..

Wet n' Wild Cream Liner in Black, Maybelline Lash Stiletto, decadent false lashes..

I also used, Maybelline Mineral Power foundation and concealer on her gorgeous, hot lil self..

I used Mineral Magic's pigments, Bird into Turquoise into that 88 Palette Purple/Blue shade..

With a neutral, prune colored, glossy lip to finish it off...and Mineral Magic pigment in Valentine as an all over face color to brighten her complexion and use as blusher...VOILA!

Sarah, the Devil's Mermaid...she just oozes evil...and loves it..we had a blast together!! I LOVE SARAH!

Me n' My Choir Girl Friend, now transformed into The Devil's Mermaid by: Mad Madam Jess

Stay tuned for the video in a few parts....I'll post em on my channel, just click the "Mad Madam Jess" link below the last pic and subscribe! Also, I'll post it here for all you bloggers to see how much fun we had. Woooooooooo!!!!!


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