Monday, August 17, 2009

Food and Dessert Places Reviewed

1st of all, the Best Sushi In San Antonio, TX goes to: Tokyo Steak House and Sushi Bar located off San Pedro, north of NW Loop 410. This place totally beats the shit out of Godai, who can in fact...go off and die. The sushi is always fresh and delicious, the service is beyond belief and the food has been consistently great every visit.

Depending on the specific sushi chef that is working when you go, there is a very individualistic style that is prevalent. You always get what is expected...damn good sushi. Sometimes, you get the when my husband ate salmon roe without even knowing it...AND loving it. The Teppanyaki Table experience is amazing...better than Benihana anyday...I can't speak for Sushi Zushi but they make it quite an experience for the money spent.

2nd, let's talk about Thai Dee. Located off of Blanco, south of NW Loop 410.....don't be fooled...I'm not talking about Sawasdee which is also on Blanco...south of 410. It's further south and nestled next to a convenient store and a small mechanic's station. This place is truly authentic and consistent. We are now VIP customers since we are pals with the owners because we eat there so often. They know our tummies very well. Amazing curry dishes, including Kao Soi await you. The Pad Thai looks simple enough, but it delivers the goods in flavor. There are so many of the menu's dishes that we have tried and loved. Easily, the best crab rangoon in town. We've tried them all, Ted and me. Some highlights are the Pad Thai, Kao Soi, Khee-mao, Moo-Ping and the Panang Noodles. Affordable and delicious, that's how I love my women and my restaurants. Don't let the exterior fool you. This place is a diamond in the rough. The owner, Toi will welcome you like family and serve you a meal made with love and devotion to her heritage.

3rd Prime Cultures (REAL Frozen Yogurt!) ..just tried this place out on a whim. It was either this or a Frappocino at Starfucks and my husband let me know of it's existence. You'll find it North of Hildebrand on McCoullough. It's a small shop that has only been open for a mere month or so but we hope they stick around and flourish. The cashier guy is a little weird and doesn't seem super competent..sorry dude. But when you get passed that, the actual product is unique, fresh, delicious and super healthy! We both were very surprised and loved the joint along with it's awkward cashier and proprietor. I'm sure they'll come into their own someday. ;-) Seriously, it's yummy..go with the Original and have some granola on top.....YUM! Or cereal or fruits or nuts or chocolate chips or even honey...they've got a few different kinds of yogurt...Green Tea Flavor, Cranberry / Pomegranate, and possible another one, I can't really recall at the moment. It all seemed very fresh and we both give this little, dessert / health bar 8 tentacles up!!!!



  1. hey! i told you id read this.
    THanks for enjoying our wares.
    Sorry for being so off-putting, but i am CRAZZY! yeah with two z's .thats how crazy i am.
    thanks for your patronage.

  2. Marc, no problem! Me and Ted are nuts too...can't you tell? Shit. Did you see my youtube stuff? I'm MadMadamJess on there too. I just made the comment about you and the other dude cause it seems as if you want to make the typical client feel comfortable in a place like that. hehehe... We were comfy, but I can see how people might think y'all were a lil off putting. We'll come back again and see ya soon...keep in touch, mang!