Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jessie's To-Do List For the Upcoming Weeks

Ok!! So I figured I should put my To-Do List here on my blog, where EVERYONE can see and where I can't escape ensure it all gets done and gets done right! Here's the videos that I have planned for the upcoming weeks, my loves! AND BEYOND!

- Spread the Love Part 2
- Metal Fetishist Jessie
- Purple look: Requested by: wootwootalex
- Perfecting the Science of Skin (informative tutorial on discovering your individual skin type and how to effectively treat your skin so that it maintains optimum health, clarity, radiance all on its own...methods/reviews and personal experiences..on-going series)
- Foiling Mineral Pigments : Mystic Night (tutorial and make up demo using Everyday Minerals eyeshadow pigments foiled on the lids to create a dazzling effect and to intensify pigment/ enhance staying power.)
- Tagged By: Tayboox33 10 Questions!
- Make Up 101 Series

If you have any requests...feel free to leave a comment or message me on my youtube channel here: .... I'm so excited to get on these videos as soon as tomorrow! YAY!!! Can't wait..stay tuned for all the fun and excitement, darlins!


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