Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Photo Manipulation by BB and a Plea For Donations..

Manipulated by Blair Black at SBW..

On top of all my countless other health problems, I now have been diagnosed with Marfan's Hypermobility Syndrome..I would NEVER ask if I didn't need the money. If you have a few dollars to spare, click the donate button on the top left to donate a few bucks or whatever you can spare to help me and my husband cover medical bills and treatments. Right now, I have no quality of life so I feel the need to be honest and desperate. Thanks in advance, sweethearts..karma will come back to you..

As an added bonus, if you donate any amount of money, I will fulfill any video request within reason, of course and do everything I can to promote your blog, channel, company, the whole sha-bang.

Not to mention that I'll keep up with my art no matter what, throughout the treatment of my illnesses which are many and so freakin' complicated. I'm falling apart from the inside out. Please donate what you can.


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