Monday, September 21, 2009

My High Fashion PhotoShoot with ElleV and Jade Noir (Robynnicole) on Hair

From the shoot:

Jade Noir was photographer and Robynnicole was Hair Stylist...I, of course was the Make Up Artist!!!! YAY! I did a modern day take of Victorian Era Inspired Make Up..came out wonderful.

She looks so ethereal...

This one looks like she's growing out of a fierce ass tree, ifn ya know what I mean..Elle was a dream to work was Robyn. Jade, unfortunately I was unable to meet due to health constraints but she loved my work. YAY!!!! And I love her work so I giess it all works out. I really hope to work with them all in the future since this shoot went so well.

Click the pic to see the close up of the make up!!

Here are some pics, pre-shoot at my apartment!!! Sneak peaks found only on the Mad Madam Jess blogspot!!

All in all, we had a ball and I met some very influential people. I have a paying gig on the 26th that I'm looking forward to. Hopefully there's work for a MUA like me. I'm also KINDA thinking about opening a MUA account for modeling as well. Not too sure on that yet but it's a thought for the future. Right now, I definitely wanna just build up my portfolio and become the premier MUA in San Antonio, TX! Here's a hopin'!

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